General information about RCM examination system

RCM examination system is a music certificate program that was introduced by the Royal Conservatory of Music, which help students to be successful in their music career. By passing the exams, the student will receive the music certificates.

RCM Certificate Program:

Grade seven and eight RCM certificates can be claimed as high school grade eleven and twelve credits.

Needs one theory credit for the certificate which start from grade five to primary rudiment.

Grade nine and ten certificates need theory credits on harmony and music history.

How to Progress in RCM program:

From grade one to grade four – students pass one grade in six to eight months, need to take exam for one grade only.

Grade five & six – students pass one grade in eight to ten months, the exam is optional.

Grade seven & eight – ten month to one year to pass a grade, take at least one exam or both.

Grade nine & ten – one year to two years to pass one grade, take exam in one or both.

The exam can start from any grade – the first exam on grade two/three, then skip exam on one or two grade up to grade eight is the better choice (ex. take exam on grade 3 or 4, then 5 or 6, or 7 and/or 8).

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