Teaching style:

Use special methods to help students to progress fast and keep long lasting interest in music learning

Use different teaching methods for students in different ages and levels

Teaching focus on note-reading, rhythmic as well as playing techniques and skills

Use nice and familiar tune songs to keep students' interest in playing piano and learning music

Give study plan for each student - when they can finish a grade & when they can take exams, etc

Give feedback on learning progress for lessons

Very patient and kind to students while guiding them in the journey of music

Teaching goals:

Make sure students keep their interest in music and enjoy playing piano rather than getting bored easily

Make sure students keep their regular improvements from their music lessons

Make sure students love to play music and able to show their talents to people

Guarantee students to have obvious improvements and reach to their goals in music learning

Encourage students to take the RCM examination for their certificates when their achieve to the standards

Prepare students for their success on exams, competitions, recitals and auditions

Lesson categories:

Major trend – Classical piano, RCM certificate program & popular songs

Beginner Keyboard lessons for kids (from five year old) – focus on basic playing methods & skills

Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) certificate examination programs – from grade one to grade ten

All RCM requirement theory courses for the credits of taking the certificates – primary rudiment, rudiment 1 & 2, harmony 3 & 4, music history 3 & 4, grade 5 harmony, history, song analysis and counterpoint

Prepare auditions for students who want to learn music in university and college

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